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Originally Posted by Schmitti View Post
I think they are already moving forward with plans to redevelop this... don't quote me on it...
According to the website itself:

Grossinger's is set to be completely demolished and rebuilt as a full service luxury boutique hotel with 200 rooms
At first I thought, they would not care then if it gets used for paintball... since its getting demo'd.. but the fact that its getting rebuilt means that people are investing a lot of money, and do not want the liability associated with that.

Plenty of abandoned buildings around though. Especially with the housing-market crash. Lots of stuff got started 4-5 years ago, and then ran out of money, buyers, etc.

The -absolute- best field I've ever played at was Paintball Passion in Lewiston. It was an indoor field inside of an old abandoned ENCLOSED horsetrack stadium.

It was awesome. It had 3 levels. The first was the horse stables, used for speedball. The 2nd was the stadium seats, normally used for open-play, and the 3rd was a office-spaces, used for "urban combat". The 3rd floor was lighted mostly with black-lights, strobe-lights, with fog machines, etc.

Twice a year they would have a scenerio that used all three levels. God-damn-awesome. Sorta like EMR Castle, they would usually put a handfull of the best players (usually NE Express members) on the third floor, and everyone else starting OUTSIDE. You then had to battle your way into the first floor, then second, then third.

The hardest part? Friggen stairs. No way to get up unless you freight train it. The field closed though, about 18 years ago. His liability insurance was through the roof. Shame.

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