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Originally Posted by chopper duke View Post
So far, a lot of things have been said that have started the gears grinding.

Eventually, I would like to have enough to outfit roughly 15 to 20 people. That way, if I can get a group of people who want to play outlaw ball and they don't have gear, I can set them up for about $10 - $15. Paint I'll source on the internet (most likely from here) and air I can get in town (bulk CO2 and eventually Scuba Tanks).

The guy who's trying to get this set up for his kid implied that if I can get it going, I'm welcome to use his land.

Also, does anyone know the legalities of doing a mobile like setup? Say, I provide the gear, paint and air, they provide the people and land. Say for Birthday parties, Frat parties, Bachelor Parties, etc.
Get that in writing.

As far as legalities, there are none that you'll come up against. Er.... You'll need a license to exchange money in national forest land. If that's in the plan.

Liability is an issue... If you *only* rent equipment and do not provide a place to play, then the only liability you expose yourself to is a mask failure. If you maintain the masks properly (and document a maintenance log) then you'll be pretty well covered with a small waiver against misuse. Theoretically.
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