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Originally Posted by Drum View Post
Been away for ten days. Is this tech tree thing still happening?
The next expected patch is the one that releases some of the American TDs, and that's coming around Jully 4th.

Knowing the track record of the developer, the rest of the tech tree changes (or at least the addition of all the extra tanks) will likely take a while to be fully implemented (I'm guessing it will take them till at least end of the year). Don't forget that they're also planning to release the French tech tree sometime in the future..

Here is what the tech trees will look like when it's all done

Leafy, the Hetzer is an awesome tank once fully upgraded and with a good crew, but it does take an experienced TD driver to really see this. With its slowish speed, agility, and ROF, it really feels like a high end TD, and cannot be driven like any other tier 4 tank.
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