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Originally Posted by DSA View Post
The original Easy Co.
Beer sponsorship? Beer and paintball should never go together. How irresponsible. Anyway, my old team photo:

Lol. We were sponsored by Shipyard Brewing, who supplied us mostly with beer. In hindsite, it didn't really help us win tournaments since the night before, we would get completely pissed.... then stumble in the next day, often missing the first couple games.

This photo was around 1992 or 1993? (I see cockers running vert tanks). You can see Mad Dog Morgan in the middle. Most of us had been playing since the mid 80s, so by 1993, we were a well "matured" team.

Here is one in 1993, notice we are all ragged looking. We were rather amazed we just won a tournament... never mind it was our homefield. It was enough that we could even stand up!

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