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Just played there again yesterday - got to talk with Jerry Brown at the counter!
It happened to be the weekend of the 30 year anniversary of Paintball - woodsball with friends was an awesome way to celebrate it.

The paint - Valken Infinity - was alright for most of the day, shot fairly consistent, but was definitely more bouncy. There were also some minor jams due to warping - a hot and extremely humid day. Past few visits they had Graffity and Crusade by Valken, which was somewhat better. I hope they keep working on that and bring back the option of a higher quality / tournament paint.

We had two new players, using rentals (which they apparently already outgrew - I should have brought spare powered loaders, and stressed the importance of frequent air refills with those guns/tanks). Still - they all had a blast and got really into it. They will be coming back, quite possibly with their own equipment!

The fields seems a lot more active - there were at least two other groups besides us during that day. It was a similar case in previous visits.
There were teams and walk-on's in our group, but everyone played nice and kept the games friendly, even when bunkering. I think it's the dedication of the staff that creates this positive attitude where everyone playing values their ability to enjoy such fields.

For me the field's current condition is a standard for comparison - having had such a great time it will be hard to accept anything less!

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