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It could be part genetics, everyone's muscles are shaped differently/have more or less fibers, and we all store fat differently, although the average male is going to store most of their fat on their stomach.

I think some people do have a naturally higher metabolism than others. However my one friend is like yours, sits around and plays Xbox/reads stuff on the Internet all day and he's really skinny. At first I thought it was just a quick metabolism, but after studying how he eats throughout a day (creepy, I know), he eats just a couple high-calorie meals and snacks, whereas I eat a ton of low-calorie meals/snacks. At the end of the day, he's consuming about 1800 which is what he would need considering his height and weight, and I'm consuming about 2400, which is what I need, so it's the same thing, really.

My other friend is the same way; thing is, when they don't have a shirt on, at the pool or whatever, they're not in very good shape. Just skinny, and skinny is not the same thing as lean.

Anyway, I think you're doing the right thing, a lot of stuff like soda and hydrogenated oils, really anything that isn't meant to go into the human body could probably disrupt weight loss. I'm not an expert, but if it was made for consumption by a dude in a white coat with a Bunsen burner, it probably isn't too good for you in one way or another.

Just keep at it.

EDIT: I've read eating massive amounts of protein boosts your metabolism because of how your body deals with excess protein. I forget the exact science, but supposedly your body "burns" more calories than it "stores" with excess protein because it needs it for so many things and it's easier for the body to store fats and carbs. Personally, I believe that is a load of horse ****, calories are calories, but I have read some individual foods boost your metabolism, which I could sort of see... mainly foods with healthy fats and B vitamins like nuts/peanuts, fish, eggs, berries, etc. Those foods are just inherently healthy and nutritious, so I don't know. At the very least, healthy fats make you feel fuller for longer.

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