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Originally Posted by Leafy View Post
What do you think of the new patch? They certainly havent fixed match maker. Its fine for like tier 4 and below but above than and its just silly. And the **** ton of American TD's that came out have made for some matches that were all td's. I was in 1 as an arty piece. I arty a team, 1 medium tank a team, and the rest were td's.
Have you though about people trying out the new line of TD's?
There just might have not been anything else within your tier range than the "oooh, whats this, new TD's? IMA TRY THOSE"

How can you blame the match maker for that?
I'm not trying to start an arguement here but just stating facts. It was the same with every new release of tanks, seems like EVERYONE is riding in same tanks.
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