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hitting the gym is probably the best idea, less then three weeks ago I weighed 222-223lbs, and I've been at that weight basically since I graduated in 2007. I started going to the gym every other day (when my schedule permitted), and have been taking a Muay Thai class once a week.

Some basic improvements I have seen:
Starting: (im 5' 11", medium build, broad shoulders)
Weight - 223lbs
Bench - 135lb 3 reps of 5 (couldnt complete last rep)

Weight - 216lbs
Bench - 135lb still, but 3 complete reps of 8 (about to move up in weight)

I havent really done anything but started working out, and beyond those noticeable measurements, I am far more flexible, and just feel far better overall (oh and I have gone down at least one notch on the belt).

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