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Originally Posted by Nevit View Post
I am greatly looking forward to the PDS harnesses! I have 2 promasters and 2 custom projects that use promaster boards. Can you provide leads from the board connector where we can solder in our own PDS wires for the time being?

I would also be interested in a few of the male and female noid QD fittings.
not following the question? do you want the leads and parts, for an already existing harness? if i read you right, then it wouldn't be a problem on the parts. i will have(when parts are ready) wires crimped, on/off and eyes made up as a drop in, but you would have to solder on the one lead from the eyes and the one lead from the on/off to the microswitch. that makes it just a bit complicated. if i where to do that, i will provide a short diagram for people to do their own soldering.

i am working on the PDS, but the Promaster PDS is easier to deal with than a B2K harness.

i do need to get more pictures of the QDs and the harness its self(forgot about that ).
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