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Well the new order of slot blockers are ready to be sent to the anodize shop tomorrow. Also this run of slot blockers is slightly longer than the last. Don't worry they still don't hang off the back at all, they barely go to the back cap covering the ivg when the marker is fully pumped back. I did this to help with the screw issue I had. I can now just order the inch and half screws and they are good to go without me having to shorten everyone by hand. I only need to shorten a few screws for those who have a T2 from the first couple of runs of T2's or a low serial number T2. Explanation is on the front page so please read it if you have a T2 from the first run or a low serial number T2. Raw ones I'm still waiting on my envelopes and screws to arrive. I will try to get a picture of a raw one on a T2 soon. Thanks guys
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