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RADAGAST! way cool to see another wizzard
I agree but from what I remember he didn't have any roll to play in the original Hobbit book. While surfing the internet I did find this: Deleted Tweets Indicate Possible UK ‘Hobbit’ Set Guests | Hobbit Movie News and Rumors |

Looks like Christopher Lee AKA Saruman is making an appearance in the Hobbit too, which probably mean Jackson is putting the White Council and the whole Necromancer/Sauron subplot into the movie that never appeared in the original book. For those who don't remember Gandalf leaves the party a few times to run some errands, one of those being the White Council and the other being the fight against the Necromancer. Neither of these events are described in the Hobbit and are just hinted at in the Lord of the Rings and explained in the Appendices (IIRC).

Yes, I'm a massive LotR nerd and know way too much about it for my own good.
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  1. Learn of Zombie infestation. How? Who knows. Probably from the General Chat section off MCB

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