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1) Refs and staff need to be Employees FIRST and players Second, they should be Paid and expected by field owners to do their jobs for their pay...
2) Field owners need to invest in their fields, Build up those really cool props and really think out how the placement of bunkers effects play. If you build a cool field, people will come and pay to play.
3) Invest in masks, they are the number one piece of safety equipment, and often the thing that leads to so many renters having a bad day due to fog, scratches...


1) Quit this hype thing, If the product is not ready...then don't start hyping it years in advance!
2) Paint size and consistancy, for god's sake don't get any smaller! Quality over Quantity.
3) Pay attention to your brick and mortar (or garrage) stores don't undercut them.

Paint prices are fine
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