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1 - attitudes and prejudice
Players, Refs, Gear manufacturers, Tournament series, Rating systems and even play styles.. its nearly everyone. As a whole I am tired of the bickering and the infighting. I am tired of "my way is best". I am tired of refs who don't give a crap I am tired of teams that EXPECT sponsors then don't work hard to fulfill obligations. I am tired of the WINNING IS EVERYTHING attitude that leads to cheating or ruining other people's day of play. I am tired of people not following through and not working together.. what are we, congress?

2 - Cost of equipment / Newer is better mentality
Seriously just because it came out this year doesn't mean its light years ahead of last years model its usually just subtle changes. You can find a 2 year old leftover gear bag and guess what, gear bag technology has not significantly advanced to render your 2 year old gear bag obsolete. Be patient, buy used, play more.

3 - I wish more people would just go out and have fun. Leave the drama and the whining at home. Play whatever style you want and enjoy yourself.


3 -

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