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Originally Posted by Riddler View Post
...that is one of the sexiest things I've ever seen.

Ballpark price to build another one? may be looking at the $900+ mark. Stainless ain't cheap. Since this was the very first one and no one was really sure what the final cost would be, I ended up getting it a little cheaper than what I probably should have paid. I don't want to get too much into it unless Rick chimes in, just out of respect, ya know?

My real saving grace was IronChef, the mad scientist behind the whole thing. He was nice enough to set up an awesome trade deal for my old DSG. We took the value of the DSG and applied it to this build, and I paid off the rest so it wasn't too hard on my pockets.

From the emails with Rick, he's been toying around with it all weekend getting the final touches just right. But....and I quote....

Talk about shooting lasers. We were shooting 12 grams (using them for targets) at fifty feet. They were to big. We took the cap off a ten round tube, no problem. THAT IS WITH OPEN SIGHTS. put a red dot on it, you will be seriously dangerous.
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