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First, let me say that the transaction I just had with Xenpaolin was the best I've had to date.

He mixed and matched parts in order for me to build the one I wanted out of a bunch of different parts he had scrambled into THREE different markers. This required him to take apart and rebuild all of them in order to get me the parts I wanted. I felt like I was at a store customizing my very own marker!

He stayed in contact CONSTANTLY throughout the entire process, taking nearly no time at all to respond to my PM's (believe me, there were a lot).

After all that we worked out a fair price and he even totalled all of the items together like a reciept!

He shipped THAT NIGHT and I recieved my marker a mere 5 days later (Alberta to Chicago btw).

If you have any qualms at all, trust that this MCBer will make you feel like you're at his store front having a face to face conversation.

Thanks a ton,


The only thing that bugs me is who do they call for support on those regs? Mr. H? He'd be all "ahhh brah no your uhhh regamajiger is umm like broke...ahahahah hhhhhh"
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