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Yeah, my style is quite different. I basically end up having 2 styles; fast tank and TD. My fast tank I like to get 1 tank all by themselves and just out drive them one on one. My TD style ends up being TD's and slow tanks and its "being sneaky" you would be surprised how many people in an offensive line you can 1, 2, or 3 shot kill from behind before someone notices you in a KV or a hertzer. Hardly anyone, even on higher tiers pays attention to their mini map once they're engaged with the enemy.

I also found that the Marder II with HE rounds in the 76 is basically a death tank. You can 1 hit kill about 60% of the tanks you'll face with it because you actually get penetration a lot of the time even with the HE and that just ****s their **** up. I literally had 4 100% solo kills in the time it takes to shoot 4 rounds in one match. The 5th tank got me.

Oh and I got stonewall for the first time and it was in a light tank too boot. I got hit 17 times and part of that was getting tracked and pounded by a T18 from rather close. We lost but I survived till the end. They must have gotten frustrated that they couldnt kill my piece of **** pz II.
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