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WTB Markers - AKA the Bunker wish list.

I was browsing forums today and decided to come up with a wish list

All markers on this list should be in working condition and center feed, priority will be given to black and red, with yellow and orange thrown under a bus.

Angel - Joy Fly, Sly Fly or Cobra Fly A1's.. Big fan of G7 Fly's too

Automags - Vertical feed body, fancy kind would be awesome (karta CF Inception), X valves and flat blade ULE frames would be nice to look at too.

Cockers - I have never owned one. I am looking for Macdev Sonic mostly, but if I am going to own one then a Karnivore, Dye Reflex, Kapp Flame or newer style Black Magic would work.

IronMen DM8 or DM9
Johnny Perchak "Bomber" Dm8 - (might accept other "bomber" lasered markers)
Billy Wing Dm10 - these are just dead sexy

Raiders team Quest

Macdev Droid (gold bolt preferred) Only Exhault, X-fighters and Ranjerz PL droids, or flawless clear.
Macdev Cyborg RX (preferably with gold bolt) Ice Fighter would be preffered but not necessary
Macdev Clone GT/GTI

Russian Legion Shocker

Bob Long - A-Bomb Intimidator

This list is subject to change.


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The Bunker Monkey Wish List... help me fill it!

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