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Originally Posted by Schmitti
4 bore.. what is that 4 inch" ? You're f'ing nuts!
Naah, I'm not crazy - the 4 bore is a sub 1"(but not by much!) gun. "nominal" boresize doesn't exist, as these guns never made it into the SAAMI era. HOWEVER, Kreiger make's a suitable barrel size: .950 groove NEI has a cherry for a correct mold - it will drop at 3500 grains(That's 8 ounces, or half a pound ). The biggest thing standing in the way of this project was brass, but apparently Rocky Mountain Cartridge has dies to make them, but the cases are pricey at $ 15.00 each. I'll have to make reloading dies, probably for an arbor press, but considering I'll have a chamber reamer, it shouldn't be too bad. I think I can get 1800FPS out of it, which would give it 25K+ lbs of muzzle energy.

The best part? It has a sporting use exemption. It will probably be the most powerful non DD cartridge gun in America.

Now, if you want a shoulder breaker, a .550 magnum on CZ if you're poor("only" 9000 ft/lbs) or if ya got money to burn, a .600 Overkill on a Waffenbrek Hein Action(I don't know how much muzzle energy it has at max load, the recoil gets too stiff and nobody has ever pushed it. It's OVER 12K ft/lbs). Then there's Ed Hubel's "12 gauge from hell", where he deep reams a Savage 210 action and puts a rim on .50 BMG brass, and blown straight, making it a sort of "paradox" gun. 750grn slugs at 2500FPS.

4 bore slug from NEI mold(that's a .44 mag next to it):

From left to right, 4 Bore, .700 Nitro, .470Nitro, 375H&H, .500 Maximum:

.550 RNS Magnum, made from .460 Weatherby Brass:

Originally Posted by stockman
The story I was told by the cop I originaly bought this off of. (and yes I know cops can be wrong too, and usually are) The Spas was ban from being imported by the assault ban, not owned. DD transfers on this weapon very by state and is not on the federal list. When I bought it it was transfered via FFL dealer like a regular shotgun here in MO. Street Sweepers, USAS, and a few other shotguns were put on the federal ban but this one slipped though, just cant be imported anymore. Like I said just what I was told.
DD transfer's DO NOT VARY BY STATE. That's because the States don't make the laws concerning them, the Federal Government does. Keep in mind, Destructive devices aren't you're run of the mill firearms - they're usually guns over .50 caliber(usually waaay over, there are people in the US who do own actual artillery), and require an FFL(not a dealers, I believe it's a Type 5, but I'm not sure).

You should really find out before attempting to sell it, because a dealer is going to know right away what the deal is, and turn you in if it is. You can't be too careful, as BATFE loves, and I mean LOVES "technical violations" - over 95% of their arrests are over minor paperwork mistakes(you can actually get arrested for answering "Y" or "N" where it says "answer Yes or No", I'm not kidding!).


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