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Many older Sterlings have not detents, what can be really problem with his barrel and chamber internal diametres and modern, small-sized paint. Here are some advices and my experiences what could be useful for some Sterling users:

From my experiences Sterlings have to long chamber for absolute "ball-rollout" solution only with barrel back sitzing (or something like CCI detent rings). Because they have long chamber, you need make "paint to chamber" match. You mus fix the problem in chamber, because there where the barrel begins has the paintball already some speed and if will be the paint small and it will be necessarly use small diameter barrel, you can have problems with breaks and even if not, there will be consistency afected trought sliding the paint freely in the chamber. The breaks can be big problem here especially when the paint is not round. Sometimes the long chamber do not conduce problems, and custom made "CCI detent rings" have worked perfectly by me, but sometimes I have had big problems. I have solvet that once for all with this mod:

Use adjustable detent manufactured from nylon screw - simply drill hole to the chamber from from above, in the face of paintball, make threading and use nylon screw with rounded end. It is easy to make that, and its works perfectly. After supplementation of this screw, there are no problems.

For doublefeeding solution... Glen Palmer will put a cocker detent your Sterling for $20. But the anti-double feed detent can you make self with dremel and piece of wire, or it is even possible make self what Palmer does, only with drillpress and tap. I have used detents for Spyder Victor, because they are cheaper and they works as well.

Here are some pics:
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