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So I've been playing for about 6 weeks or so and now I'm completely addicted I'm kinda stuck on tier4/5 because I can't seem to stick to one tank. I have a M7 Priest, T-28, Hetzer, M5 Stuart, and a M7.

Right now the M5 is my favorite. I hated it when I first got it because I'm constantly being put into matches with tier 8 and tier 9 heavies. After learning how to play it I have come to really enjoy speeding around and blasting away with the stubby 75. If I get into a match were I'm the top rated tank it just destroys everything. If I'm lowest I assist the heavies or skirt the edge of the field and take out the enemy arty.

Can't wait to get past the T-28 and get into a heavy. KV's were the bane of my existence playing lights. Once I get the KV I'll have a tank of every class; light, med, heavy, TD, and Arty. I just cycle through them as I play so it keeps me from burning out on any one tank.
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