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I liked the 34/85 and did okay with it... thought I would have it for longer, but then I realized that I was bored with it. So, after unlocking the T43, I stashed the crew and sold it.

Have not missed it. For my purposes, it was too slow and big to be a good scout and it was too small and light to handle duking it out with most of the other mediums it had to fight.

The M4 I love. Doubt I will ever dump this tank. Put the 105 on it and it is a killing machine, able to one shot lower tier tanks and put a hurting on even the biggest heavy. It is easy to drive and shoot and it is a points maker like crazy. Costs about 5-6k to fix (I get killed near every game with it ) but routinely brings in 10-15k for every battle... sometimes a good deal more.

Tracked dumpster? Is that a KV? Or one of the American TD's? Either way, good choices. My KV is my other monster points getter and tank killer. Recently, I have been rediscovering the joys of tier II battling with the T18 overmatch.

Some cool specials coming up sounds like. August 12, for one... the birthday of this horrible, addictive game


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I still don't get that.
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