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Originally Posted by PJ
Finding paint to fit the existing barrel on this gun will be tough, unless I let the paint get wet and expand (bore is about 0.691-0.694 ID, just guessing). Even if I could match the paint to this bore, I tend to bring many different guns to use at scenarios, meaning I would have to buy many different brands of paint for all my guns. I'd rather get one paint that fits several of my guns and use inserts or detents on the ones that the paint is too small for. It's cheaper in the long run (as long as I don't buy many more new-to-me guns!).
I think that it is not so complycated. Most of cheap onepiece aftermarket barrels have medium internal diameter (.689") what is good for a large number of good-class paint brands (RPS Marbalizers, Zap Chronics, Draxxus Hellfire, Severe Cyclone) and in reallity, they are very good. Many peoples are well-content with his Smartparts Teardrops or J&J Ceramics and they are manufactured for many markers. And especially when you have many guns it is imho a lot better to buy for them "only" decent onepiece barrels for 35$.

By the way, I own now 17 or 19 markers and Barrel kit or Freak I don't have on single and for all I use RPS Marbalizers or Zap Chronics 420 Gold preferably.
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