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Nice work, Leafster! Was that premium account numbers or straight poop? Either way, nice work.

The dumpster is a great name for that tank. Hated it, even though I did the grind on that in one day during one of their 5x days. Easily the most annoying tank to use of any so far, for me, at least.

You will not regret the "work" when you get to the M4.

I really wish the Tiger were not so expensive to run... I love playing with it... but even with a kill or two each game, if you get killed AND lose the game, you are gonna be losing 5-10k silver every time.

So... I crank my M4/KV combo for a little while, and then I burn off all that silver I made with those tanks with a few games in my Tiger or IS.

It works... slowly.


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I still don't get that.
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