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SHOCKERS shockers and more SHOCKERS

SFT Dynasty Shocker with Ton Ton Frame so SICK 300 OBO
has dynasty board or could put stock board to lower price some I will mix and match whatever I have this goes will all the shockers here.
rl trigger showen but could change it for any other trigger I have cp one or nxt trigger
cp reg
ajustable detents
freak will come with a insert have like 3 too choice from
parker noid

NXT dust blue shocker 250 OBO
he bolt kit
cp reg

Uploaded with
NXT Dust black shocker 250 OBO SOLD
stock pretty much

NXT Matte Silver 250 OBO
Comes with all silver parts this thing is mint.

Uploaded with
SFT shocker Body with VA and gauge 35 OBO

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