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My WTB list

The following items are all going on a '95 cocker, please keep this in mind.

Black Pre2k Delron bolt - Purchased
Black Dye Sticky grips - Purchased
Chrome or black cocking rod - Purchased
Chrome or black beavertail - Purchased
Chrome drop forward with on/off - Purchased
Black 12 changer - Purchased
Autococker slide trigger with internals, doesn't matter if it has a grip - Purchased
Lower tube internals - Purchased
1-800 gauge for my Ans Reg - Purchased

Delron ball detent (ball color doesn't matter, outside needs to be black or chrome)
Red ultra evil pipe kit tip
Black ultra evil pipe kit tip
.683 autococker threaded evil pipe kit back
CCM deluxe pre2k pump kit - will pay extra for a hitman mod. (Or similar dual rodded pump kit)
10 round feetube

If you have any of these items please pm with me a picture or a description and a asking price. Thanks(:

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