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UPDATE!!! Yes, it's still alive!

Well, the other wood pistol grip turned out to be a wash... If it was intended to be a scam it was the worst one in history... but oh well..

ANYWAY, last night I finally got the new delrin pump lathed down into a sleeve/bushing and fitted into the wood pump. Wound up having to mill the 90 degree pump arm down where the two screws attach but about halfway and then re-counter-sink the holes, then a crapload more sanding and dremeling. What I thought was going to be an easy jaunt took me all damn night at work and it's still not QUITE done. Still have to trim the passenger side for the Gen 3 feed's spring retractor slot and then clearance the front of it a bit for where the slot goes into the 90. After that it's just a finish-sand, stain, and seal away from being finished!

Unfortunately, I won't be able to work on it again until Monday night since I'll be spending the rest of the weekend in Wildwood drunk like a fratboy wannabe...

I could have taken pics... but I figured it was more fun to tease the results
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