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Custom Halo Too Hose Fed Angel A4 Fly

I just thought I would post up some pictures of my latest build that included some custom work. Last year I did a similar project and I made a thread about it which is here:

My Reloader B2 into Warpless Warpfeed

This time I wanted to do a less rushed version that was more refined and looked cleaner than the first build. This time I started with a Invert Halo Too sound activated loader. These are basically the same thing as the Empire Reloader B2 just rebranded I guess. They have the settings you can change for speed and sound sensitivity and also have the option of turning off the tension sensor which is important.

The last loader I made like this I had the balls rerouted out of the side but this time I wanted them straight up and out through the shell of the hopper so the feed tube could be the shortest length as possible.

Here is a video of it shooting:

Here are the pictures of my Low Orbit Ion Cannon A4 Fly:

I played with the gun this past weekend and it worked great and the loader fed as fast as I could shoot. I tried to make a video of it shooting but the cheap camera didn't record too well.


Currently the problem with this setup is that it can put much more strain on the motor and have problems wearing them out. The first one of these I made using a B2 that I bought used. It worked great the first few times but the motor died on me during the Living Legends game in 2010. It happened a few minutes before Traumahead starting filming me which made it really suck even more. I replaced that motor with the same sized one from a toy dump truck and it has worked since.

This loader was also purchased used and I currently have the speed setting all the way up. This can cause the loader to popcorn the paintballs inside when it gets low. To try and remedy the problem I'm going to try out one of these much higher torque motors and set the loader to a lower speed setting.

I'll post up more project or parts info later if anybody is interested.
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