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Originally Posted by desertT1 View Post
Looks pretty awesome.

Any reason why you didn't have the paint coming out the regular way?

Is that your logo on the loader shell?
There was a few reasons I didn't have it come out the bottom normally and loop back up.
- I wanted a clean look to the gun and didn't want the long tube to loop all the way around.

- Having the tube at the bottom most part of the gun would increase the chance of crushing the tube and the paintballs inside of it. So things like setting it down and maneuvering around bunkers would require even more care and attention.

- I wanted a short tube for faster loading and a lower coefficient of friction that didn't block my sight line. I sight down the left side of my barrel, it's just how I've always done it. So I needed that gap inbetween the gun and the loader open so I would have a clear sight picture.


Originally Posted by subyrally View Post
i am interested in seeing the inner workings of the loader. i have made a couple with a simular concept with varying results.
I didn't take pictures when I was building this one but if you check out the link at the beginning of the original post you can see how I did the 90* elbow onto the raceway. This time though I did it straight up and then used a 45* elbow too (because I miscalculated the angle I needed it to face). I used copper plumbing elbows instead of the pvc ones because the pvc style have a sharp corner inside which may impede the flow. The copper ones are smooth but heavier.

TimmyJay - It may be a while now before I do another one...we'll see though.
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