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Salvaging a s5 body, anyone have 6.5 dimensions?

So I am trying to salvage my S5 body, well technically speaking its a "non" ccm s5 with a regular cocker detent to be specific.... but anyways i got it from someone who got it from someone who was going to do "Custom Milling".

(Fortunately its not too deep!!! But Fugly none the less.)

THE PLAN is to chop it up... I know its a sin but i think it'll be just the ticket. I already have the 6.5 bolt, pin, and back-block. I just need to know what the dimensions i need to have it milled to use the 6.5 parts. Are they different from regular Half-block dimensions?

I really appreciate any help in this process and assure those of you who are still cringing that it'll be fully ccm'd. Nothing but the best for this!

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