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Can't say as I have made one for a pug. Wrighting? I'm not entirely sure what you mean here, I assume you mean custom carving in letter form IE "Fear the Pug" in some fancy lettering or whatnot, I can just depend son what you want exactly, I will not however do that to straps (tends to weaken them too much I have found out). As long as I have a drawing to work with I'll tool just about anything you want.

It looks like you want a tactical theigh type holster, which would be roughly $150 or so depending on other variables. I'd need a drawing of somesort 9just for reference) so I can accuratly give you a quote. Also how do want it attached to you at the top? Belt loop, ALICE clip, etc.

Any chance you can make a quick drawing or get me a pic for reference?

Hope to hear back from ya!
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