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Magazine is pretty much finished. Need to do some fine-tuning on how it mates up to the breach. Might have to tweak the breach as well depending on now it feeds the clips. I replaced the receiver tube with a later version because it has the safety notch in it and I prefer that style. I also milled the clip pawl locator dowel pin and added a chamfer on the ID of the barrel. Have to see if thats enough before I make the barrel permanent. Can hardly wait to have this running. After looking at it and getting to hold the SMG with the magazine on, I think the 30 round capacity "might" be a tad too much.

Big thanks go out to Echo for the pawl and Bacci for some odds and ends.

Picked up an old school "raincover". Really interested in trying this thing out

To do:
finalize magazine fit.
fine tune breach
port barrel for "raincover"
mill constant rate spring channel in receiver
fit front grip
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