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Originally Posted by slinger View Post
Looks really good.

I suggest having SSC freak bore your barrel.
It will let you underbore which will stop double feeds and roll outs.

For Your airsource, either a 12 gram changer or 3,5 oz tank vertically works well.

The only reason you would need an ASP ported tpc is if you want more efficiency on 12 grams
Freak bored barrel or some sort of bore control. I plan on underboring every marker I shoot after watching punkworks videos and going through their threads and data.

Would the air sorces you suggested be any better than the bottom line set up it currenlty has with a 68/4500 tank?

I got the impression that the ASP ported TPC also allowed you to get rid of the nylon grub screw that hold the velocity adjuster. From reading the manual the whole velocity adjustment things seems different, but I don't have the Phantom in my hands yet to try it out.

Originally Posted by volunteer paintball View Post
you'll love using it and it looks very nice. but i agree with slinger grab a bored barrel or have yours bored, and if you send your barrel to staunchy send your vert valve body to him to have in gauged so you know how much air/co2 you've got left. Also a flat head screwdriver works just as well as the cci velocity adjuster.
So have him guage the valve body that is currently on the marker? Flat head screwdriver to adjust the velocity. Would it be best to take the barrel of to make adjustments and then put it back on to check the adjustment? I really truly am a visual learner so I'm trying to understand it a way I can visualize it.
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