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Originally Posted by CCM CHICK View Post
Pyrate Jim, Your dog is beautiful!
That is a crap ton of snow, does he/she have to wear booties with extended exsposure to the cold?
I gave her your compliment, with a cookie.

She has feet that resemble an eagles talons and getting booties on her would probably shred them:

Out in the snow she sometimes wears her blaze hunting vest but only if it's packed (loose snow gets into the vest as she plows through the drifts):

On a sadder note, I had a neighborhood feral cat that I had to bury this morning. He wasn't really feral, but his owner moved out about 12 years ago and left the cat behind. Since then He's been the "mascot" of the beach and would come here every morning for food, sleeping in my cellar or the house next-door and everybody knew him.
He was old, about 22 years old. The past year he's been both blind & deaf, but that never stopped him from making his "rounds" and saying hello to everyone. (or laying in the street blocking traffic)
He was out & about right up to Friday, Yesterday he laid down and wouldn't get up, last night he went to sleep and just stopped breathing between 9:30 & 10:00.
I'm glad he went peaceably, with no evidence of pain or illness. I was always afraid he would crawl under the deck and die, and it would be a week before finding him.
His name was Grady, and he was my buddy.
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