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My buddy Briley. 10 years old, but he acts like he's 3. He's a skillet-head yellow lab. We call him a skillet-head because his head is so big and flat that it looks like he got hit with a frying pan PHEASANT HUNTING MACHINE! We got him back in March of this year for FREE from a family that was moving and didn't have room for all 3 of their dogs. He came from a Pedigree Kennel in North Dakota, and then was sent to a doggie training school for 8 weeks when he was a pup. The family spent a fortune on him--he's the most well behaved and obedient dog I've ever known.... His official name on his birth certificate is "Big 'Ole Briley".

This fall we'll be having a lot of Pheasant and Quail for dinner

Posing with his toy:

And yes, he has a very floppy neck... lol

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