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Originally Posted by Pyrate Jim View Post
I gave her your compliment, with a cookie.

She has feet that resemble an eagles talons and getting booties on her would probably shred them:

Out in the snow she sometimes wears her blaze hunting vest but only if it's packed (loose snow gets into the vest as she plows through the drifts):

On a sadder note, I had a neighborhood feral cat that I had to bury this morning. He wasn't really feral, but his owner moved out about 12 years ago and left the cat behind. Since then He's been the "mascot" of the beach and would come here every morning for food, sleeping in my cellar or the house next-door and everybody knew him.
He was old, about 22 years old. The past year he's been both blind & deaf, but that never stopped him from making his "rounds" and saying hello to everyone. (or laying in the street blocking traffic)
He was out & about right up to Friday, Yesterday he laid down and wouldn't get up, last night he went to sleep and just stopped breathing between 9:30 & 10:00.
I'm glad he went peaceably, with no evidence of pain or illness. I was always afraid he would crawl under the deck and die, and it would be a week before finding him.
His name was Grady, and he was my buddy.
Im glad to hear that your cat went peacefully, Im sure he just decided his time was up and led a good life and known he was loved. You had a truly unique cat by the sounds of it and glad he lived up to a ripe old age... awwwwwww F**K im getting teary eye'd about this dammit!

I really do feel for you man, I too have an old alley cat. His name is Ceaser ( he is at least 16 years old easy) and he rules the yard. He owns my moms house and is the toughest cat in the neighborhood. With his age he has a incredible street-smart personality and knows what he wants and wouldn't have it any other way. Still shows his love by leaving mouse guts and half eaten dead birds on my moms front door step, he just slaughters mice, probably 2 dead mice a month and more in the winter but he only leaves there organs for some reason. He fights any cat he wants and has the war wounds to prove it. He has one bad eye from my dog I use to have fighting with it.

He will only drink from the bath tub faucet and not a water dish, he refuses anything else. You open the drawer with the can opener in it, no matter where he is, he will know and start running because it might just be a tuna can in his mind your opening. And loves rolling around in dirt. He is still alive and kicking and wont go until he decides wants to.

my mom gives him heck for laying on the couch, but he does it anyways and you just cant say no. He is a CHAMP!

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Any place that can produce 'RUSH' is alright by me.
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