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My Tippmann 98 Project-Final Product

Got this gun in March of 2011 as a used rental gun. Only upgrade was the vertical air kit. I was initially going to sell it for a small profit because I bought it cheap. Well, I played with it and nostalgia set it because my first gun was a tippmann model 98.

Decided that I wanted to have it as a fast gun, so when I found a box of tippmann parts LNIB for $10, I jumped on it. Response trigger and some replacement springs and like 10 rebuild kits. Good price!

Got home and this thing RIPPED!!!!

I didn't like the stock ASA, so I put a nice CP on/off ASA on it and converted it over to macroline hose. The ASA is currently leaking out of everywhere, but I've just gotta rebuild it I think.

After all this, the barrel just sucked. Lapco Apex Ready BigShot that I got from a friend at a scenario game this summer (Apex tip isn't in the photo)

I fell in love with it even more and decided I wanted to pretty it up because it WAS a rental gun and a lot of the paint was chipping off. Hand sanded and polished one side of the gun. Took two more months for the other side. Didn't end up liking that so I painted it blue last night.

Also did the oring feedneck mod, and hand polished the internals.

So far, I love the way this gun shoots. Really, really smooth for a tippmann too.

Thought I'd share

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