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Oh Dear God! What have I done!?!

I recieved my first Mag in the mail last week...

Everything about Automags makes me giddy. I love the simplicity and just sheer brilliance behind them. The construction of a Mag and the customization options have kept me in the B/S/T ever since I recieved mine.

I haven't even played with it yet and I love just holding it. I can't wait to replace some of the parts I am not in love with and make it mine. Hmm, Bike Grip, Thumb Velocity Adj. and Powerfeed for opposite side (left?) or ULE body, CCM Macro Fittings to come... Want the X-Valve for weight savings but I only run a winchester or stick feed so it would be overkill.

It was extremely grimey and took me about four hours of intensive cleaning to get it where it is (I do my work under microscopes and use dental picks). After re-assembly I was having the machine gun effect and browsed the forums for a bit and resolved it quickly. It is back but I am sure it is a quick fix (more oil, O-Ring replacement).

Love the Automag...

I really wish the single trigger frame wasn't cut though; I need to find a new one as I am not fond of double triggers.
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