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PTP Emag won't fire

I posted this in AO forums, but also posting it here in case I can catch some other people.

Ok, so I bought two identical PTP Emags from different people. One of them fires great and the other one will not fire at all. I have exhausted my knowledge of these mags and cannot figure out what the problem could be, so I am asking if anyone could help me before I ship this thing off to someone to have it looked at. Here is what I have done so far....

The one that works is an all silver PTP emag with an Emag 2000 valve. This one is silver and works great in either mechanical or electro mode.
The other one is all red with a new Red Xvalve. Both mags have identical bodies, the PTP 2000 bodies.

The red one will not fire when I gas up the marker either mech or electric. The trigger and sear air up and there is pressure against them when i pull the trigger, but it will not fire off.

I have done several things to try and diagnose the problem including the following.
Changed springs, carriers, shims, no shims, etc. in the bolt. - No change
Took the emag 2000 valve from the silver marker - Red marker will not fire.
Put the Red Xvalve into the silver body - valve fires beautifully in all modes.
Put a new 2009 body on the Red Emag lowers - red xvalve fires beautifully in all modes.

So bottom line is that there is something about the red body itself that is causing the marker not to fire. The sear assembly looks brand new with little to no wear at all. It rotates smoothly and does not hang up anywhere that I can see. What is even more weird is that I thought at first it was a bolt stick issue from having too small of a carrier. So I put a carrier 2 sizes bigger in the xvalve to eliminate that problem. Now if I put the red xvalve (with the larger carrier) in the silver body, it leaks down the barrel when aired up, but still fires. If I take the vavle out and put it in the red body, no air comes out at all when gassed up. So not only will it not fire, but air is not even making it past the on/off assembly to be able to leak out the bolt.

When gassed up, the trigger is very stiff. It has pressure, but no amount of squeezing or moving the sear will cause the marker to fire. So something about the body is causing the air not to make it past the on/off assembly. I don't think its the on/off pin as its a stock pin from a new Xvalve. Also none of the other 2 valves I have will fire in this red body, they all act the same.

So.... Any ideas what the problem could be and where I should start looking next? I don't know what else to do and stupid PTP won't answer their damn phones. Thanks!
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