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Originally Posted by dundadun View Post
awesome CD! I'd love to see shot of it being worn but that is pretty slick. I think I'm going to have to return the scabbard I bought, caught a bolt and ripped when I slid the DLG into it.

Might have to get an H harness as well, do you think a should hoster could be attached to it without too much fuss?
Sorry for the delay, I'm waiting on a Custom Holster from PBMafia/ McCann to come in. As soon as it gets hear, I"ll get some pics of it on. I'm also playing this weekend (finally) and I'll get some pics of it on at the field.

As for the Shoulder holster, I think that would be determined by how it attached. There are Molle attachments on the front and the back of the H-Harness.

Originally Posted by Odjur View Post
Chopper_duke, that rig looks BADASS!
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