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Originally Posted by Gabe
If you have the case that comes with the set,and you don't leave the inserts laying around then you are fine as far as dented/bent inserts go. As for too complicated, it hardly is. How can 2 large and one small aluminum piece threaded together be complicated? It's really hard to call a barrel complicated when it sits on top of a 'cocker.
Im design engineer by profesion, so I like the things simple. The entire basic idea or Freak is simply to complycated and dumb for me - why at all have some dumb tiny inserts? Why do not have the entire onepiece, full-sitzed barrel backs with other diametres???????????????? The only reason can be the manufacturing price, but in reality, the difference will be not big here (if you will not have 10 different diametres, what is useless idiocy in paintball real world) and finally, the entire Freak sets are comonly even so expensive as many "full" barrel kits... or even more (at least in my country).

I have seen Freak and that has been enough for me. No, thank you.

But if you have other feeling, it is no problem for me. Everybody has right on your own option.
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