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All sorts of soft goods, headbands, packs, pants, jerseys, and gogs! Some rare stuff.

I over loaded the storage bins again... I have a massive amount of gear that I will never get to use so time to sell it right?

No trades at the moment.. its priced to sell honestly.

Greenies PM me regarding pricing if you want anything.


Early Renegade FACTORY Team Jersey
- Embroidered specifically for All Americans II , Very classy
- No rips tears or other wise... granted the V neck is HUGE
- 2xl
- $300 (this is like the last thing I want to sell)

PCS Jersey
- ACU Camo Knock off
- tiny arm pockets
- $20

Rase Pants
- More or less new, I belive they were old store stock
- OD green
- $60.00

Sandana (eclipse gauntlets sold)
- Black/white modern run color
- $25

Empire Pants
- Contacts IIRC
- Xl but fit HUGE
- Never used... I bought them thinking about switching to desert camo gear.... year that didnt work

Renagade Splash Set
- Pant and Jersey are xl
- Jersey used once, pants never used.
- $150

Smart Corps Jersey

RASE jersey

More to come of this.


Spectra Flex7s
- Green/clear bottoms
- Cut hard ears to the same shape of a Flex8's
- Some sort of strap not the red plaid
- Smoke thermal lens
- $80

- Blue (HA!)
- Lense is in good shape

Green Spectras
- Wetex style foam in great shape
- non thermal lense
- hard ears
- no visor (sorry)
- $20

Black Spectras
- Good shape, but needs a new lense
- $15

- Vents spectra hybrids
- Thermal lense
- Camo frame and strap
- Vents soft ears
- $50

Camo Shields (green JTs gone)
- $20

Vents frame
- lense is ok
- foam is good
- $10

More to come maybe


Rengade Pack
- Real tree
- all velcro is in good shape
- $30

BT Molle Pack
- Psuedo Marpat
- $15

Empire Fast Pack
- Great for 50 Round pods... usless for anything else.
- $20

NXE 4+1
- A little grimy its been floating around my shop for a while
- $10

More to come!

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