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clearing out to gear up

clearing out some old gear to get a new string for my bow and get my hunting license and tags.

first up a few markers

black odyssey rpm that is not working has tboard but dont know if it holds air 40 shipped as is does not include a barrel

tippman 68 carbine polished internals ( what i was told ) double trigger needs a red and do not have one to test it, it hasn't been used in 6 years but did work being sold as is unknown if it leaks for 60shipped with both barrels sold

pps 45 framed typhoon with all the bells and whistles 700 obo


sportshot feedneck mod to do 68 caliber and cut down a little
18shipped obo

2 ricochet 2k's
35 shipped each

halo b v35 w/ rip drive, works but seems a little slow to me?
40 shipped obo

small vl gravity feed oldschool hopper 15shipped


edge kit with 4 backs .685 .688 .691 .693 cocker threaded
35 shipped

cocker threaded 1 piece boomstick

cocker threaded heavy old stainless steel barrel 20 shipped

old smaller co2 tanks

3.5oz with on/off 20 shipped
7 oz with on/off on valve 15shipped sold
skinny 9 oz 15shipped sold
small skinny i would call it maybe a 5oz tank(doesn't say) has on/off on back 15shipped sold

will get pictures tonight and all prices are obo so make an offer
paypal only please


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