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Here are my thoughts-

Automags have always been, from a functional standpoint, ahead of the 'cockers of comparable time points.

Since day 1, automags have been way easier to use and less quirky. Of course, if you know how to tune 'cockers then they CAN work as well.

The mech's are pretty closely comparable. Both work very well. 'Cockers are more fun to some, but Automags are easier to use.

For pumps, 'cockers are the most common, but automags make just as good of a pump gun. Pump mags are crazy smooth. That said, snipers are more common. Both make great pump guns.

For electro, the Mag wins hands down. It's faster, doesn't ever chop, lighter, so forth.

Depends what you are into. As 'He Who Shall Not be Named' says, an autococker is a poor performing gun in all regards. From what I've seen, I'd have to agree.

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