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CCI Phantom - Black/White Marble - Undercocking - VSC and Drop-Out

Back up for sale, new price!

My latest Phantom. Supposedly one of ten in this anno, but I can't confirm that and don't really believe it either.
  • CCI 15rnd Feed
  • CCI Clear Undercocking Kit
  • Stock 11" Barrel
  • Freak Bored 11" Barrel (No Inserts)
  • Ghost Ring
  • Drop-Out Changer
  • CCI Adjustable T-Stock (lock ring is marred up, looks like someone used vice grips on it)
All parts are anno matched.

Price: $350 Trade for CCM S6.5, T2, or BL Victory (I'd really like a Ripper Victory...but I'm not super picky).

Shipping included to the lower 48. It will be extra for Canada or the other two. I won't ship anywhere else.

Tool marks on stock lock ring:

Small tool marks on the valve under the air fitting:
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