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Brass N Wood Fan
Palmers Fan
Hoppers, grips, pants and barrels F/S

All prices in USD; shipping IS included; PayPal is preferred; other rules are lame. Have at it...

12" barrel, spiral porting, cocker threaded. $8

10" BOA Snakebite barrel, cocker threaded. $20 - SOLD!
Condor MOLLE dump pouch, olive green, used but still cool. Perfect for 12ies or 10 round tubes. $12 - SOLD!

NEXED pants. Used. Size 38-42. No knee padding but really good pants. No rips/tears. Features include zip pockets, two tube pockets (very handy). Made of win. $25

CCM 86* stock grips. No screws. $8 - SOLD!

Leather Hybrid "Gunslinger" grips. Never been used. $12

Empire sexy lady .45 grips. Good overall condition. $10 - SOLD!

Old Pro Shield mask. Used but in good shape. Includes screws. $12

Sheridan PGP2 12 gram plug. Used but in good shape. $5 - SOLD!

Pneumatic hose, 49" with male 1/8" NPT fittings. Used it a few times as a remote. Heavy duty, will never break on ya. $12

Neoprene Revvy cover. Lightly used. $10 - SOLD!
Sportshot hopper, unmodified with the smaller adapter still inside. $15 - SOLD!
VL Revvy 18v. Works well. $20 - SOLD!
Winchester 50 round hopper. Used. $10 - SOLD!

Old Viewloder 100 round hopper. Tab is broken on the lid. $10

10 140-round guppies, yo! Random brands, all translucent gray. $2 bucks a pop

One right-handed T8 holster made by our very own Butch. It's a hip holster with detachable thumb break. Never seen the field. Will ONLY fit T8's, not the T9's or the newer T8.1/9.1 $35 - SOLD!

The only trades I'd consider are a couple of old, beat-up, single trigger Automag frames with panels.

Andry : )

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