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Originally Posted by DSA View Post
Ahhh rookie Mod's always sticky everything.
I'm not a fan myself of stickys. Just makes the forum harder to read. But the current system of adding imported threads to the "sticky thread" is a good idea.

Anyway, this really isnt about Smart Parts. I'm more curious to see what Dr Hensel is doing these days? He was the first to make a commercial, functional electronic paintgun. I guess that sorta makes him famous, though I'd bet that 99.99% of paintballers have never heard of him.

From the SP vs WDP transcripts, here is some details about Dr Hensel:
Dr. Edward Hensel, PE, who was then a professor at New Mexico State University, became a shareholder of Pneu Ventures in January 1995, by paying money to Pneu Ventures in exchange for 80 shares of stock.
Between 1995 and 1996, Dr. Hensel worked at his home in New Mexico on the design and development of an electropneumatic paintball gun. Dr. Hensel set up a mini manufacturing facility in his garage to research and develop the first circuit board to be used in the gun. Dr. Hensel worked at one point around the clock for three days trying to get the timing circuit used in the gun to work
(Dr Hensel) designed a combination of elements which related to a firing chamber of an electropneumatic paintball gun that utilized solenoid valves that were configured to receive a regulated supply of compressed gas from a gas source and allow for the launch of a paintball during a firing operation
Additionally, Professor Hensel designed and developed an electrical timing circuit configured to receive electrical power and initiate a launching sequence of a paintball gun in response to a trigger pull. He also designed and developed the relationship of the electrical circuit with one or more solenoid valves
Those last 2 bits are important because at trial, Smart Parts kept insisting that THEY, and THEY ALONE invented the Shocker. When WDP tracked down Dr Hensel, it was discovered that not only was Dr Hensel involved, HE ALONE did all the research, design, development, prototyping, etc. Everything. Smart Parts actually had very little contact with PVI.

"the evidence strongly suggests that neither Billy nor Adam (Smart Parts) could have invented the electronic paintgun" -Garr M. King, U.S. Judge
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