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Talking TECHT Ifit Precision Barrel Boring Kit Review

TECHT Ifit Precision Barrel Boring Kit

The techt Ifit barrel boring kit solved my pump marker's issues and it can probably solve yours too. I purchased the kit several days ago and have really seen an improvement in consistency, efficiency and somewhat in accuracy. All markers, especially pump markers can and will improve if you correctly bore your paint with a barrel boring kit. The purpose of this review is to help newish players like myself understand what they need to make their marker or pump more efficient, consistent and accurate.

Barrel: A barrel is the tube in front of the paintball gun from which the paintball is discharged when the gun is fired.

Bore: The size of the diameter of a gun barrel.

Overbore: The bore of the barrel you are using has a larger diameter than the paintball you are using.

Underbore: The bore of the barrel you are using has a smaller diameter than the paintball you are using.

Studies have shown that:

OVERBORE= good consistency, bad efficency
PAINT/BARREL MATCH= bad consistency, moderate efficiency
UNDERBORE= good consistency, good efficiency

The techt ifit kit is available in two options, the 6 piece kit or the 9 piece kit. The 6 piece kit consists of bore sizes .670, .673, .676, .679, .682 and .685
the 9 piece kit consists of the same bore sizes with three added: .667, .688 and .692. This kit is great, it comes with more bore sizes than any other barrel kit I have seen yet.

You will notice most paintballs are labeled as .68 caliber paintballs, some of them are made that actual size others are not. Temperature and humidity can also greatly affect a paintballs size, where you live one ball may be a certain size while elsewhere it could be different due to climate.

What the 6 piece Ifit kit looks like right out from the box:

Great looking box, well packaged, comes with 2 stickers (bonus) and either the six or nine inserts. The only single con with the kit in my opinion is the price, it was roughly $80 for the kit which only comes with the bore size inserts. The back (which is where you place the inserts, it attaches to your barrel which screws into your marker) must be purchased seperately. I understand of course why they did this as the kit can be placed on so many markers but still, the back was an additional $40. So all together the barrel kit was $120, the same price as the marker I was putting it on. Do not get me wrong the kit is very effective and worth the money but maybe just a bit less.

Seen in this next photo is the 6 inserts that come with the 6 piece Ifit kit as well as the Autococker back I purchased with it. Each insert is colored differently and clearly labeled with its size. This being the 6 piece kit, it has three additional spaces to place the three remaining bore sizes if you decide to purcase them later on. I will be purchasing only the .667 insert sometime.

What you need to do before each day of play is take the paint you will be using and roll it through each of these inserts. Go through each insert from largest to smallest and attempt to roll the paintball through, what you are looking for is that the paintball goes through with resistance but not too much that it would break the paint. Who better to explain this than Techt themselves so please click HERE to watch the video explanation.

Last thing to note would be all of the backs (adapters) available for purchase for the techt Ifit kit. There are tons to choose from making this kit functionable with many different markers. Some of the adapters for example the AC to Hammerhead, gives the option of using other barrels with your marker that would otherwise be unusable. The available adapters are: Autococker, tippmann a5/x7/phenom, model 98, spyder, ion / smart parts, a5 to hammerhead, autococker to hammerhead, angel a1 to a5/x7, sft shocker, phantom, GOG (smart parts) to cocker, autococker to GOG, a5 to autococker and the tpx pistol.

Before I added the kit to my marker, my velocity was jumping quite alot as I was matching .688 caliber paint with my .688 bore barrel which above states is the worst for efficiency and consistency. What I noticed is when I added the kit and started to correctly underbore my velocity tightened up greatly.

In conclusion, the techt ifit kit is a needed tool for anyone looking to get the most out of their marker. Using the correct insert with good paint will greatly improve consistency and efficiency.

many bore sizes
many adapters
helps consistency
helps efficiency
helps accuracy

slightly expensive
adds length to barrel
small control bore

Overall: 7/10

Video showing consistency improvements: CLICK HERE

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