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Taking up room Sale! Cheap Prices! Quality Stuff!

Hey guys and gals I'm back trying to trim the fat off my gear again. I'm open to offers and I accept paypal. Please PM me if you are interested.

CP 2-Piece 12" Spyder Threaded (.689) - SOLD
Lapco Offset Sight Mount NEVER USED! - 15 shipped
Shocktech 2k2 front block w/ Bolt (gloss black) NEVER USED! - SOLD
Dye Spyder frame (internals not inluded) RARE! NEVER USED! - SOLD
Bob Long Regulator - SOLD
AKA Compact Spyder ASA/LPC RARE! - SOLD
Air-Thru Stock - SOLD
Remote w/ Quick Disconnect - 25 Shipped

GCPB Body + Frame w/ NZD Trigger - 90 Shipped
Palmers Female Stab - SOLD

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