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hmm, don't recall it, but i'd know as much then as I know now about it as I did then, which is nothing. Now you're going to have me looking for info on vu cockers now. As far as GBD goes, wasn't that Good, Bad, and deadly? and other that, i got nothing. yep, you stumped me, now post some pics Seriously though, anyone who claims they know everything is trying to sell you something. I know a lot more then i did, but there were so many small shops theres always going to be a lot only a handful of people know about, and it only gets smaller as time goes by.

Anyway, post all the pics you want, I'll appreciate them.

As mentioned, I'll scan the pic of the "Innovative Manufacturing Cocker" aka Dirk Cocker and post it tomorrow. Upon digging the pic out, I didn't have this particular one, I had a black/silver splashed (exactly the same configuration as the one pictured, minus the awful As far as the GBD cockers, they really werent anything special, if I recall correclty, Bud essentially milled the "GBD" in the side of a few bodies for Glen, and they had the big brass rock, polished ram and 3way, and the Air America Expansion chamber with hardline, and a palmers barrel.

Regarding Vu's guns, he made some nice minis as a matter of fact Poopys team used a couple back during the DC Cup then all became traitors and switched to all Vu actually schooled Danny in cocker tweaking, well actually they fed off each other, but I believe Vu went a bit further quicker.
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