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Originally Posted by tymcneer View Post
Not to be more of a PITA than usual... But what about those of us that prefer pump Mags?

The one small modification to eliminate the whole "inconvenient semi" thing of a PA marker with an AT would be...

If the marker has an AT, then the pump stroke must be at least one ball diameter.
If the marker does *NOT* have an AT then the pump stroke may be of any length.

Simple, straight forward, allows pump Mags and eliminiated PA/AT's markers...

Then again, I could be tired and solving non existant problems

Just going by the rules I would say that a pump mag is ok for open class, or possibly SC depending on your setup. You have to move the handle 3/4 of and inch, granted all but the last 1/8" is not under pressure.

If you run the pump mag off of 12g and either a horizantal stick or vert 10 round you can use it in SC.

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